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Owner & Art Lover

I've been a mechanic and managed construction. I am a business owner and single mother with an MBA and a life-long passion for the arts. Like most of us, I am, have been, and will be plenty of proud sounding nouns; none of which stopped me from making time for art in my life.

For me, art is about sanity and hope. Art helps me cry, laugh, and smile. Art helps me live in the now, to love myself, connect with others, and be thankful for the wonders in my life.

Art gives me the courage to face those unknown challenges head on and my dream is that here, at Vibrance - A Creative Space, you too can be empowered by art. Ketchikan is Home and Vibrance is where we connect, express, and celebrate!

Everyone and I mean everyone, has something to express. I believe in your expression and I believe that Vibrance - A Creative Space is the place for you to explore new artistic mediums and crafts that will help nurture the artist within.


Resident Instructor

My name is Kerri Hudlin, I am a mother of two grown humans and two fat fur babies, the wife of one amazing man and I am one of those crazy artistic types. I have always been into painting, pottery, jewelry and any other type of creative process I could get my hands on. So, why am I choosing now to pursue it as a “job”? Well, I am also one of those ‘lucky’ individuals that has more than one “invisible disability”. Not fond of those words, but it does describe it pretty well. It recently got the the point that I could (once again) no longer be a constant, reliable employee for the job I loved. Left my work family behind to care for myself. Part of this process was to try to find something to continue to be a productive, contributing force in my marriage and maybe even keep me sane.

Enter Art.

I have never tiptoed into anything and this is no exception. Challenge me, please? Have something you have always wanted, but don’t have the time or creativity to manage it? Don’t know what you want, but there’s just this one spot that needs something? I bet we could fix that! I am constantly looking for new and unique ways to apply my art to lives. I love the idea of something that I created being out there making smiles. That’s what it's all about!

Fortunately, Ketchikan, Alaska is an unbelievable Artistic Community and has been my home since 2013! I love this place and all of its diverse residents. I am so lucky to be able to call it "Home".

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